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  • Slowdown Amsterdam

    Slowdown Amsterdam

     1 shoudios

    Are you ready to listen to the city of Amsterdam in a completely new way? Time moves quickly in a city as Amsterdam. We, Soundtrackcity, the Mystifiers and STEIM, invite you to slow down with us and to focus simply by listening. Slowdown Amsterdam is an audio walk narrated with quarantine city sounds, reflections and music by the bandmembers of The Mystifiers, a representative orchestra, taking you on a journey through Amsterdam. CREDITS Glenn van den Berg Bass Guy Wampa Wood Drums Mischa Koch Percussion Jorrit Westerhof Guitar Pascal Keyzer Guitar Eddy van Delden Guitar Gary Huiswoud Guitar Lucija Gregov Cello Maaike van der Linde Flute / Vocals Edward Stefania Trombone Kobi Arditi Trombone Bep Brunt Tenor sax / Accordeon Mildred Alto Sax Lea Alto Sax Licia van Wijngaarden Vocals Cenk Arpa Vocals Alexis Tel Vocals Jimmy Soukotta Vocals / Guitar Reynold Williams Vocal Laspamer O'Jeah Vocal / Guitar Lies Schilp Vocal Anne van Egmond Project Leader PRODUCED BY Anne van Egmond, Jorrit Westerhof & Guy Wood ADDITIONAL PRODUCTION & CONSULTATION Michiel Huijsman & Renate Zentschhnig @ Soundtrackcity & Vivian Mac Gillavry @ STEIM MIXED & MASTERED BY Jorrit Westerhof NARRATION Guy Wood FILMS BY Desiré van den Berg

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  • Sonic Fields Vlieland

    Sonic Fields Vlieland

     6 shoudios
     39986 meters

    A listening expedition on Vlieland Created in 2017 by sound artist / composer Francisco López ‘Sonic Fields Vlieland’ is an audio composition made exclusively with original environmental recordings done in the island of Vlieland (North Sea, Holland). With no additional instruments, voices or any other sounds, these recordings have been artistically transfigured and dramatically evolved to create a new virtual sonic reality. As presented in this GPS-controlled App, this creation can only be heard while the listener is physically in Vlieland. The composition has several geo-located ‘movements’: in order to listen to them you need to physically reach specific locations in the island. These locations –as well as the recommended nature hiking route to reach them indicated in the map [*]– have been selected for both their natural features and their suitability for focused and relaxed listening. Once you physically reach a location, please find a comfortable spot, sit down or lie down and enjoy the listening trip of that ‘movement’ in that natural surrounding environment. Besides your dedicated listening, good quality headphones (not the typical simple smartphone earbuds) are crucial, as this composition contains lots of low frequencies, subtle sonic materials, virtual sonic space, and other aural delicacies that would be a shame to miss! The complete composition is 3-hours long but you can of course freely choose to listen to only some of its ‘movements’. You can also follow other routes of your own to reach the listening locations: besides hiking, some locations are easily accessible by bike or even approached with the bus line that connects the village of Oost-Vlieland in the east with the Posthuys buildings in the center of the island. While most listening locations are within easy reach, there is an ultimate longest movement at the very far west end of the island, in the amazing desertic zone known as Vliehors, for the truly adventurous hikers-listeners! [*] RECOMMENDED ROUTE (one entire day of hiking and listening): Starting from the Vuurtoren (lighthouse) of Oost-Vlieland, follow the route indicated in the map all the way to the west end of the island. On your way back, when you reach the Posthuys you can get a bus ride back to Oost-Vlieland (make sure to check bus schedules in advance). This would make a total of around. 7-8 hours of hiking (approx. 32 Km) plus 3 hours of listening. If you prefer to hike back from the Posthuys you will have around 2 additional hours (approx. 8 Km) along the road through the south shore of the island. VERY IMPORTANT: please note that the entire westhalf of the island (Vliehors zone) is ONLY ACCESSIBLE TO THE PUBLIC ON WEEKENDS.

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  • Deep Down

    Deep Down

     1 shoudios
     1079 meters

    Zweven in een eindeloze onderwaterwereld. Onder water kunnen zwemmen. Spelen en duiken met vissen en zeehonden. Dat is een diep verlangen van veel mensen. In de muzikale geluidswandeling ‘Deep Down, the Original Masters of Glitch’ wordt dit verlangen even werkelijkheid.

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  • Moet je Hoorn!

    Moet je Hoorn!

     6 shoudios
     2161 meters

    Moet je Hoorn! is de nieuwste geluidswandeling van Soundtrackcity speciaal gemaakt voor Hoorn in opdtacht van Karavaan.

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  • Witte de With Kwartier

    Witte de With Kwartier

     9 shoudios
     2696 meters

    Big River filters the water of dreams. A sound walk made by Vincent Denieul & Fiona Weir following the impact of water on the Dutch Port city inhabitants’ dreams. The city is growing high and the port is pushed to the seashore. The river remains the core of the activities and the inhabitants recharge by its banks. This is a soundwalk through a district where the Port has become abstract. During this walk the walker is experiencing three levels of water, from shallow water to deep water.

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  • Do The Slow Down

    Do The Slow Down

     1 shoudios
     510 meters

    Do The Slow Down (really), the soundwalk by Henk Bakker & Nicola Unger, is a short distance stroll (rather than a walk) perfectly suited for a contemplative moment or a lost afternoon in a big city. The track features on site recordings and generated sounds with a narrative written by Nicola. The walk starts right in front of WORM's entrance and leads you into the direction of the skatepark (an island), continues to a white circle painted on the ground of the Eendrachtsplein, makes you pass a gate keeper (transformer) with an important message and leaves you (alone) in the skate park. The walks lasts about 35 minutes. Don't forget, do it slow, take your time.

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curated by: Soundtrackcity

Ongoing series of soundwalks made by artists in Dutch cities and abroad. Listen up and walk with us.


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