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  • The Found Tapes Exhibition

    The Found Tapes Exhibition

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    Welcome to the 'Found Tapes Exhibition' (in Dutch : the 'Voddebandjes Tenhoorstelling'). Since 2002 I have been collecting the bits, knots and clods of thrown away cassette tape that ever so often could be seen lying or hanging around in the streets, parks, fields. Whenever I come across a bit of 'trashed audiotape', I jot down the place and time, on a piece of paper or digitally, on my cellphone. Usually I also take a picture. I then pick up it up, put it in a plastic grocery bag or whatever else I happen to have handy, and carry it back home. Regularly I mount my finds back onto a cassette, to listen to them. You can find a detailed description of the 'restoration technique' that I use in the SoundBlog entry entitled Prof. Dr. Cassette. The Exhibition is organized in series of five (on the average, but there are exceptions), each of which is called an 'acquisition', and is exposed on its own dedicated web page. From each of the parts of such a series I select one, or more, fragments, which I then assemble (first I did this in ProTools, but currently I'm using the very basic one-track audio editor Sound Studio), again in chronological order, and create a 128kbps 44.1 kHz stereo mp3-file of the 'montage'. The Exhibition archives the bits of found tape that I have treated in this manner, and lists them in descending chronological order of finding, together with the date and place of finding, as well as scans, photographs and a description of what's on it ... as precise as I can.

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