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  • William Basinski closing 'The Source' expo at #Nimk. Evelina Domnitch memorizes tales from #Arcadia
    Recorded near Keizersgracht 262C, 1016 Binnenstad, The Netherlands about 1 decade ago Like Reply 162 plays | All rights reserved

WHEN: 19.00 MONDAY JUNE 25TH, 2012

The closing party of The Source was held on Monday June 25th, 2012, where legendary sound artist, William Basinski, celebrated his birthday with a live performance of Vivian and Ondine! Basinksi’s chillingly alluring compositions have been performed at the Venice Biennial and the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and he is currently the musical director of The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic, showing this week at the Holland Festival.

It’s your last chance to ride the trails of subatomic particles in Memory Vapor, to catch the lingering light of the Solstice inVirtual Hole Sun 1:1, and to dive deep into the primordial soup of Hydroacoustic Study.

Preluding the performance Dmitry Gelfand and Evelina Domnitch, whom displayed their work 'Memory Vapor' at 'The Source' exposition in NIMk the past months, collectively mesmerized tales from the 'Arcadia', Basinski's own performance space, in Williamsburg, NYC.

When Basinski opened his nightclub Arcadia in 1992, Williamsburg had more than a decade of history as an outerborough artists' colony. Arcadia and a handful of other entities such as The Lizard's Tail, Lalalandia, Test-Site gallery, Nerve Circle Studios, Mustard and Galapagos transformed the artists' colony into a full blown urban subculture. No neighborhood in Brooklyn compares to Williamsburg for the shrillness of her declaration of artistic autonomy in the closing years of the last century. This neighborhood is the heart of the Brooklyn Renaissance. And at the heart of Williamsburg, in the pivotal years, was Arcadia.

Learn more about William Basinski through the website of 2062 / Music & Media Laboratories & Unknown Industries, inc

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