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Bos en Lommer was designed by Van Eesteren in the 1930's and was part of the cities expansion plan for Amsterdam. As an urban engineer Van Eesteren wanted a clear separation between living, working, traffic and recreation, the neighborhood would be one of light, air and space. A luxury that should also be available for the working class. The first apartment buildings with strokes of green between them rose to the sky. Bos en Lommer was an urban experiment, the first of its kind in Amsterdam and in the world where the working class could enjoy such principals. Cycle ahead on the Bos en Lommerweg and traverse the large crossing with the Admiraal de Ruyterweg. After about a hundred meters you will find a white building to your left, this used to be a reformed church, designed by architect Boeyinga in 1951. Now it is in use as a theatre called Podium Mozaiek and it boasts a restaurant and bar. Because of the way the lights from within this building would flood on to the street at night it is nicknamed 'the tea light' or 't Theelichtje'.

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