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In the city, contaminated water was the source of many diseases. From 1853 onwards a pipeline was used to pump fresh and clean dune water in to the city. It would cost 1 cent per bucket. The water tower was built in 1966. Now the smallest hotel in Amsterdam is situated in the tower. Cycle a on ahead and turn right in to the Waterkeringweg and go back to the Haarlemmerweg and turn left on it. Cars will drive by at your right. Further to the right of this road the Haarlemmer trekvaart is situated, a canal from the 17th century that would allow barges pulled by horses to travel between Haarlem and Amsterdam at impressive speeds. You should now be passing a windmill. At a large crossing with streetlights traverse the road and take a left on to the Bos en Lommerweg. You have reached the neighborhood Bos and Lommer.

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