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As you can see, you have reached the edge of the 16th century city. The canal on top of which you stand used to be the cities defensive canal. You are standing on the oldest bridge in Amsterdam, constructed in 1634 by Sir Leeghwater. In the past this bridge boasted a tower. At your right, underneath the bridge you can still find what used to be a prison. During the Golden Age, many people moved to Amsterdam from the country side to try and better themselves financially. The residential count ascended from 30.000 to an incredible 200.000. Subsequently, the city became overcrowded. Not only within the city limits the influx of luck seekers was apparent, the outskirts of the city, at that time mainly peat meadows, became the first city slums. The people would construct houses on the pastures that came in to being due to the ditches that were dug in order to mine the peat or turf. Cycle straight ahead to the Oude Leliestraat. Take the bridge on the Herengracht and go left immediately. Bike on ahead until you see the house numbers 170-172 on the Herengracht. This residence carries the name, Bartolotti.

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