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Picnic Inspires

PICNIC is one of Europe’s leading creativity and innovation conferences and platforms.

Shoudio augmented PICNIC's 2011 themes about Urban Futures with the so-called 'Picnic Inspires' interview sessions: interrogating festival & conference attendees about their cities, and thoughts for the future.

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Auto Interview Tool

In the weeks preluding the 2011 conference participants were invited to claim a spot on the interviewmap.

Using Shoudio's automated audio interview tool participants where interrogated about one of the 5 PICNIC themes.

Explore Onsite.

We participated during the conference onsite with the Audio Mobile, with headphones by WeSC enabling people to borrow them and tune into the interview series via their own phones on the Shoudio apps and site.

Custom integration

A custom web interface mimicking PICNIC's look & feel was built and integrated in PICNIC's webplatform.

This is a co-production with Pannekoekenmolen de Graanhalm and enabled by WesC headphones

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