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Pancakes & Pitches

Every year at The Next Web Conference the internet startup rally competition is being held.

Shoudio attended TNW12 with the so-called 'Pancakes & Pitches' stand, baking fresh Dutch pancakes, 'the flipcam' and presented the audio pitch interviews with the startup rally competitors, while you waited.

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Auto Interview Tool.

Having 50+ competitors participating in the Startup Rally, it was quiet the hassle to interview them all.

Using Shoudio's automated audio interview tool asked the questions to the startup founders, generating their interviews.

Dutch Pancakes.

At the The Next Web Conference-premises we camped with the Pancake stand, baking delicious (according to many) Dutch pancakes, following old family recipe.

'The Flipcam' -live videostream broadcasted two days uninterupted on the internetz.

Podcast feeds.

By using Shoudio as host for the Audio Pitch Interview Sessions, all recordings were instantly published onto a podcastfeed to subscribe on and listen to the interviews.

This is a co-production with Pannekoekenmolen de Graanhalm and enabled by WesC headphones

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