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Motel Mozaique

Vers Beton is a Rotterdam (NL) based webmagazine and audio reported live from the multidisciplinary arts festival Motel Mozaique.

Shoudio powered the so-called 'Versbeton' audiomap and delivered new widgets enabling Vers Beton's audio reporters to distribute audio interviews straight from the festival.

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Mobile Audio Reporting

The Vers Beton-crew crowded the city of Rotterdam during the Motel Mozaique festival.

Using the Shoudio Apps for iPhone & Android they interviewed festival visitors, instantly publishing them on Shoudio and their dedicated festival reporting page.

In-app Integration

The festival organization supplied the visitors with the Motel Mozaique apps for iPhone & Android.

All audioreports from Vers Beton ended up in here, simply by framing the Shoudio Touch optimized mobile webpage.

Audio Widgets

Via RSS feed integration the custom made Vers Beton Audio Reporting page was filled with Shoudio widgets containing the individual recordings.

This is a co-production with Vers Beton and enabled by Motel Mozaique festival

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