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'Hear here' with Shoudio

Use Shoudio's apps for iPhone and Android to freely record, share and explore audiorecordings near your current location and topics of your interest.

Follow your friends and find new audiomakers, listen and share: stories, history, music, poets, interviews, thoughts and noise from accross the planet AND based upon your GPS location.
Share what you hear, where you hear it, optionally with an image attached, and crosspost options such as Foursquare (/w checkin), Facebook & Twitter are all in the game.

Shoudio made this interview map for Shoudio and KXRadio
Download the Shoudio App for iPhone or Android, claim your username, hookup your twitters/facebookz and go for it: report on audio, share poets, interview people or share wisdom, streetmusic or other sounds around you. What are you he(a)ring?

You can also use the apps to explore the audio interviews which are being recorded through this interactive map. See the tab 'Uitleg' to learn how you can join yourself!
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ShoudioShoudio op Eurosonic Noorderslag

Shoudio is the Location Based Audio Platform. We use our apps to report Eurosonic 2013 by means of interviewing attendees, bands and sound snippets of Eurosonic Noorderslag.

Got something interesting to tell? Ping one of our reporters or user the free Shoudio apps for iPhone and Android and record it yourself. Be sure to use #ESNS12 in the title and we will find it.

Read more about Shoudio: on this tab!